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Client Information

At the 1st visit we will measure and order the recipient's hair prosthesis and select their style, color, and length of hair desired.


At the 2nd visit we will fit, cut, style and educate the recipient on how to maintain their new wig.

At the 3rd visit we make any necessary adjustments, review the care instructions and photograph the before and after pictures of the recipient.

Every child will be given:

  • wig shampoo, conditioner and wig comb
  • netted cap to be worn under wig to keep it secure
  • head form, stand and wig box for wig when not in use
  • tee pins to secure wig to Styrofoam head
  • wire wig stand to use after cleansing
  • chinstrap to secure wig when styling
  • sleep cap to be worn at night

Educational Support Services

The Wigs 4 Kids Wellness Center is unique in the development of classes and social groups through our Educational Support Services which build self esteem, empowering the hundreds of kids we have provided wigs for to look, and feel better.


Click here to see our upcoming classes & social activities!

Please call 586-772-6656 to register and attend!

Medical Support Services


Our Wigs 4 Kids Medical Support Services offer every child in our program the opportunity to be seen through our intake program. This will help us assess & evaluate the needs of our children, so we may assist them in healing psychologically, socially and emotionally.

There are many side effects of hair loss that are not being addressed as little is known in the medical profession about
the disorders causing them.

With our Wigs 4 Kids Medical Support Services, our families now have hope and help.

A Special Thank You
to Onesta Haircare
for donating 100%
all-natural shampoo
and conditioner
for each child in
our program!

Client Application

If you are in need of our services, please print out and complete the Client Application below and call our Wellness Center at 586-772-6656 to schedule an appointment.

Click Here for our
Client Application

Please obtain a doctor's note on letterhead stating that your child or teen is in need of a wig and bring this with your completed application to your 1st visit.

Thank you!
We look forward to
serving you.